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Extreme Couponing

First Shopping Trip with Coupons Jan. 9, 2011

P&G Brandsaver coupons were put out in newspapers on Saturday.  I got mine through the London Free Press, but I’m sure many papers had them inside.  If you don’t want your’s I’d be happy to take your coupons, just send me a message and I can organize pick up.

John and I did our first shopping trip with coupons today and we did NOT argue.  He was a bit annoyed  and questioned why I was buying certain things in the first store because we didn’t “need” them yet, but I told him to go with the flow and he did.  He now understands that we have a small box in the linen closet filled with these items that we got basically less than half price.  When we do need something we won’t have to go pay full price, we just go to the closet.  I don’t plan on stockpiling huge amounts of products, but having 3-6 months worth of some items will be OK.


So my plan in Shopper’s was to buy $50 in products so I could get 15% off.  Apparently it is $50 BEFORE all coupons not after.  I did take a flyer with me and look up the fine print on the back and that is what it said.  So lesson learned….  check the fine print and get all the details.  The good thing is they gave me the 15X Optimum Points so I did get a good deal in the end.  Here is what we bought:

Scott Paper Towels  on sale for $4.77 – less $2 printable coupon 

Always Thin Pads on sale for $5.77 –  less$0.75 cent brandsaver coupon

Huggies Wipes on sale 2 for $6.00 –  less $1 brandsaver coupon

2 Old Spice Deoderant $3.99 each – less $3 brandsaver coupon

Breath Right Strips on sale for $6.99 – less $2 save.ca coupon

2 Dawn Plus Dish Detergent  on sale for $1.68 each –  less $1.00 brandsaver coupon

6 Campbell’s soup on sale for $0.59 each  – I saw online that someone said there were in store coupons, but I didn’t find any.

Aleve on sale for $5.99 – less $5.00 coupon

Aspirin on sale for $5.99 – less $3.00 printable coupon

So I bought $50.39 in products for only $32.66 plus HST.  I received7500 optimum points when normally I would have only got 500 points. 

I also paid for this with my PC Mastercard which gives me PC Points I can use later for free groceries!!!!!!



I decided to buy all my coupon items in a seperate transaction from the groceries and it’s a good thing I did.  After ringing through only 3 of my coupons, the computer locked up and the cashier had to call a supervisor to override it.  Apparently their store computers stop after only 3 coupons in a transaction.  I intend to call Head Office tomorrow to let them know this might be something they should change.  I believe I used 13 coupons in my transaction.  I planned to spend $60 in Proctor & Gamble products so I could mail in arebate form for a $20 gift card.  Unfortunately I have no realized that I am about $0.52 cents short because instead of buying a razor for 7.99, I bought a 6.94 razor with my coupon.  Another new lesson – take a calculator and double check your purchases before you ring them in OR buy exactly what you had on your list and don’t make changes on the fly in the store.  UGH I just lost a $20 gift card because I didn’t take the time to calculate. 

Here is what I bought:

M&M Peanuts for $3.79 and I got M&M Pretzels FREE ($3.79) with a save.ca coupon

2 McCain Chocolate Cakes regular $2.19 each – less 2 $1.00 printable coupons

2 Nice n Easy Hair Colours on sale for $5.99 each- less $5.00 brandsaver coupon

2 Crest Expressions Toothpastes on sale for $1.99 each – less $1.00 brandsaver coupon

3 Satin Care Shave Gels  on sale for $2.49 – less $5 brandsaver coupon

1 Satin Care Shave Gel on sale for $2.49 – less $1 brandsaver coupon

1 Secret Flawless Deoderant on sale for $2.79 – less $1 brandsaver coupn

2 Secret Deoderant on sale for $2.79 each – less $4 brandsaver coupon

Fusion Proglide Razor on sale for $7.99 – less $2 brandsaver coupon

Venus Devine Razor on sale for $6.94 – less $2 brandsaver coupon

3 Gillette Shave Creams on sale for $2.49 –  less $7.00 brandsaver coupon

Gillette Deoderant on sale for $2.79 – less $1 brandsaver coupon

That’s $69.34 in product for only $36.65 plus HST!!!!!!   Also paid with PC Mastercard to get the points.

So remember – take a calculator with you and check the fine print on deals where you need to buy a certain amount of products.  I’ll do better next week I’m sure.

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