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Extreme Couponing

Learning to “Coupon”

A few days ago I watched TLC’s Extreme Couponing.  I have to say that I was very impressed with the amount of money these people were saving every time they went grocery shopping.  I use coupons once in a while, but have never thought to search out coupons, organize them, and use them all the time.  Since the show was American, not everything works the same here in Canada, but we can still get some fantastic deals and save ourselves lot’s of money. 

I have since spent some time surfing the net (I googled “Canada coupons”).  Here are some of the sites that will be mailing me (for free) coupons or had printable coupons.  www.save.ca  www.websaver.ca  www.brandsaver.ca  www.fabuloussavings.ca  www.smartcanucks.ca 

I looked up the websites of some brands we use alot and some of them have coupons.  Some companies want you to sign up for their newsletter and will send you special offers.  I decided to have these sent to a secondary email I don’t use much anymore to keep these emails seperate from my business emails. 

You can also look up the Facebook page for companies and for clicking “like” some will give you a coupon to print off yourself.    Johnson Baby Canada was one.

I also watched some YouTube videos showing the great deals some people have been getting.  one idea is if you have a $1 off coupon for a shave cream, shampoo, or conditioner you can go to the trial size area of the store.  Most of thos items are $1 or less, which means you can get it FREE!  Make sure the coupon says you can purchase any size of the item though. 

I found a fellow Canadian and you can see her blog at www.mrsjanuary.com   She explains really well the deals she got and where she found the coupons for the deals. 

I do see that you could get carried away with all this and end up with a hoard of products.  My plan is to stock up on our favourite items that we can use within 3-6 months and then donate any excess I have.  More on that idea later. 

So my next step is to find some family and friends willing to give me any coupons they get in their newspapers and mail.  I’ll also have to set myself up an organizing system. 

Leave me a comment if you already coupon or if you are going to start up as well.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

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