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Gillian McKeith New Year Detox

I just watched this great TV program and thought I would share DR GILLIAN MCKEITH’S TOP 12 SINS

As shown on You Are What You Eat New Year Detox.  These are some notes I took while watching the show.

11. CAFFEINE – in tea, coffee, colas.
9. CHOCOLATE – It’s high in processed sugar and empty calories and often contains caffeine. Excess sugar turns to fat in the body.
8. CHIPS – deep fried coated in salt and chemicals, full of transfats – cause weight gain, clog arteries, cause high blood pressure and lead to Type II diabetes
6. WHITE BREAD – no nutrient value, loads of yeast and refined white flour.
5. ADDED SUGAR – makes you fat and causes huge blood sugar highs and lows
3. ADDED SALT – accounts for heart attacks, strokes, aching joints and fluid retention. It is routinely put in all processed foods.
2. BAD FATS – i.e. saturated fats and transfats in confectionery, chips and chocolate. Saturated fat hardens at room temperature and does the same in your arteries, causes cholesterol levels to rise and leads to coronary heart disease.
1. SOFT DRINKS – considered the worst evil.  Every soft drink may contain 6-7 teaspoons of sugar so if you drink 20 a week you are adding 120 to 140 teaspoons of sugar to your diet and increasing likelihood of heart attack or stroke by five times. Diet drinks aren’t a good option because they may contain sweeteners some of which are known to cause health problems and serious illness.
http://www.gillianmckeith.info/  You can visit Gilliam McKeith’s official website here. 

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