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Getting Leads & Bookings

GETTING LEADS: Share not Sell
Warm Chatter
“By the way I’d love to give you my card. Are you familiar with Mary Kay? This card entitles you to a free pampering session. Your first & last name are? Your phone number is?

“ Would you be offended if I asked you to be a model in my before and after portfolio? I’m a consultant with Mary Kay, may I give you my card? It entitles you to 2 free pampering sessions, one for the before and one for the after. Your first & last name are? Your phone number is?”

Some sharing words from Ilene Meckley. “I teach skin care and colour with Mary Kay Cosmetics, however I currently do not have any hostesses in your area. I would love to come to your area for complimentary facials if you would like to help me with that please email or call me. Here’s my card.”
Even if they say no, respond with, “Thanks for being honest with me” and then change the subject to a shared interest such as “Do you live in the neighbourhood, do you have kids, how long have you worked here?” This way they feel you are not sharing with them just to get their business, but because you are truly interested in them.

Hi, how are you?
The response to that question will help transform your business when you say, “I am great. Thanks so much for asking. In fact , I am really excited about my business. Are you familiar with….?” When you ask someone, “How are you?”, then people will usually ask you that too. Remember though to listen to their response and care about them whether they are doing something for your business or not even interested in your business. You are transforming your business now when you can be happy no matter what someone says to you. You are now a professional sharer.

Are you ready to share with everyone and work from the heart?

I just want to encourage you to take just a few minutes to answer these questions.
I know the time you spend answering these questions will help you have the best fall ever in your business.

Are you up for the challenge?

OK let’s begin

I want to suggest that this week you are dedicated to asking everyone a few basic questions,

1. “Are you from….originally?

2. “I always like to ask people if they have had any experience with a company I
have my own business with…are you familiar with”…..Then say, “I know you are
not here to hear about my business. I do love sharing all the time and following up
at more appropriate times. Is that something you would enjoy”

3. “ Would you feel comfortable giving me your name and phone number?”

4. Have I been open for business today?

5. Am I sitting wondering, “Why is my business not growing?”

6. Have you figuratively had a closed sign hanging around in your business?

7. Do I allow people to go in and out of my business just like I do when I go into stores

8. Do I only want to talk to people that I feel will do something for my business?

9. How many new people have I shared with today?

10. Do I just say it is ok for people to say no to me or do I demonstrate that it is by
sharing with everyone and being happy with whatever they choose to say?

11. Have you said to everyone, “One of the things I love to do is help others start
home-based businesses too?

12. Have you ever thought about doing something alongside your family and other activities
to earn extra income?”

13. Are you honest about why you are not sharing with everyone?

14. Would you be sharing with everyone if you knew they were ready to say yes, about what
you are offering?

15. Can you agree that your business will be so much better and you will be helping so many
more people if you “just ask”?

16. Do you realize that if you do not ask, it is an automatic no?

Now you are working from the heart

Ask those you already know for referrals. “One of my goals is to share all of my services with new people. Can you think of at least 2 people that you know that I could contact to see if they are familiar with my company, and if so, to see if they know how to contact someone in case they are interested?”


-when you are out of bookings, you are out of business

Datebook: write in all MK events then highlight for the entire month when you want to have classes booked

3 booking approaches:
Direct: At every class I always select someone whom I’d most like to have for my future hostess and tonight _____ I’ve selected YOU! Tell me, is there any reason why you couldn’t invite a few friends in and hostess a class? I think you’d make a great hostess!

Second Facial: Your check up facial will be in 10 days to 2 weeks which makes it the week of ____. Would a day or evening appointment be better for you?

Tentative: I understand what you are saying, however, you are going to find that when you ask your friends which date is good for them, everyone will have a different answer. Tell you what, why don’t we pick a date that is good for YOU with the understanding that if it doesn’t work out for most of your friends we will change it. Would that be OK with you?

-after every step of the skin care say…”if this wasn’t the correct product we would exchange that at your second facial.”

Booking Incentives: WIIFM What’s in it for me? You have to make them really want to hostess for you. What is it they want? What’s their hot button? Ask! Find a need and fill it!

KEEP IT SIMPLE. Use one or the other of the following.
-The first time you get together with someone offer them the $10/$20 Gift Certificate. They get $10 towards any set at their pampering session or you will double it to $20 off a set when they share with 2 or more friends over 18 years of age.
-At second facials use our hostess chart

When calling for reorders: “Would you like to pay for that or would you like it for free?” Offer hostess credit.

Have a booking goal each day, example…every day this week I will add 1 new booking on my datebook!

If your goal is 5 appointments a week, then book 10!

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