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I Have a (MK) Dream

I had a fantastic dream last night. In it, I’m a Mary Kay National Sales Director, teaching the Future Director/DIQ class at Seminar. I must say the class was very well attended. I estimate there were a couple hundred women in that class.

My class was so great that I just have to write out the parts of my speech that I remember. I’ll update as a remember more pieces.

I had everyone draw 3 columns on a clean sheet of paper. At the top they wrote HAVE, BE, DO. I asked them to write down a few things they wanted to HAVE. Those would be material possessions like a new dining room set, Pink Cadillac.

BE are character traits you want to develop or roles you want to play in life. For example: patience, confidence, BE a Mom, BE a wife, BE a National Sales Director.

DO is pretty self explanatory. What do you want to DO? Take a trip to Wales. Go skydiving.

I then gave the class a challenge for when they got home from Seminar. Fill the sheet. Circle one item in each column they wanted before the end of the calendar year. When they’d completed those 3 items they were to email me a copy of their chart along with a note telling me how they completed one item in each column and I would send them a gift!

Money Management:
How many of you signed your beauty consultant agreement so you could make money? Me too. How many of you have a system of managing your MK money that is actually working? OK Here is the best way I’ve found so far.

You can do this daily or weekly, whichever makes the most sense to you. I’m going to use 100 in my example so the math is easy. Let’s say you sold an $85 TimeWise skin care and gave the customer a free $15 eye liner. That means $100 retail product has left your store and needs to be replaced right?
How much does it cost to order those exact items from head office? Tax on $100 (in Ontario that’s 13% – so $13) plus half the retail which is $50. So in total those products you sold cost you $63 from head office. I would transfer $63 from my MK account to the credit card I use to place my MK orders.
The rest of the money is your’s to cover business expenses and to pay yourself. So the customer would have paid you $96.05 for their TimeWise set & free liner (in ontario with 13% tax) minus $63 to replace the product would leave you with $33.05 to cover business expenses and pay yourself. Because you want to keep most of that money for yourself, it will help you keep your business expenses down.
Any commission checks from head office are to pay yourself or save in your dream account.

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BEE-lieve The BUZZ!! Beauty Consultant and Blogger Historic House Museum Manager Diploma in Cultural Resource Management from University of Victoria


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