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What to Look For in a Direct Sales, Party Plan, Home Based Business

As you know I’ve been with Mary Kay Cosmetics for over 14 years. Most of that time I have been full time with my business. A portion of that time though I have had jobs and dabbled in other home businesses. I also have friends who are with other well known direct sales companies and I have no qualms about asking anyone to explain their marketing plan to me. You’d be surprised how many people can’t explain how their company works or how much they make. I now want to point out a few things I think you should look for, ask, and find out before you sign on the dotted line and pay for your kit.

What is the commission on the sale of the product? Mary Kay – 50%

Do you submit all the money from the party to your company and then receive a check OR do you only submit the cost of the products and you keep your profit immediately? Mary Kay – You order the products from head office at cost and keep your profit immediately.

What is the commission on what your personal team members sell or order from the company? Mary Kay – pays commission based on what your personal team members order from head office. When you have 1-4 active team members you get 4% commission. 5+ active team members gets 8% commission. When you order $600 wholesale in the same month 5 of your team each order at least $200 wholesale ou get 12% commission.

What exactly comes in the starter kit? I suggest getting a printed list on contents. Mary Kay – $417.50 in retail size products plus party and training materials.
What does shipping and taxes cost on the starter kit? Mary Kay – in the province of Ontario $125 plus $6 shipping

How often does the company release new catalogues? How much do they cost to buy and how many are in a package? Mary Kay has 4 catalogues a year. They cost $7 for a package of 20.

Does the company have predesigned websites for their consultants and how much does that cost per month or per year? Mary Kay has predesigned websites that cost $75 annually.

What is the minimum order I can place with the company? Mary Kay’s minimum order is a $200 wholesale. You choose $400 retail from the catalogue and with the 50% discount is costs $200, plus shipping, and taxes on the retail.

What are the new consultant bonuses (free products, prizes, money, etc) in the beginning? Mary Kay – ask your recruiter or Director for special prizes they give to new consultants. Head Office offers free products based on your first order only in the month you start in or the month following. There are also 4 consistency bonuses you can earn on your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th qualifying orders.

What are the rules to earn a management position with the company? Mary Kay – Our management position is called Sales Director. To start qualification (DIQ) you will need to have 10 active personal team members and have been a Star Consultant the prior quarter or current quarter. You then have 1-4 months to complete qualification with $18000 in total wholesale orders. Each month you must do at least $4000 wholesale to continue qualification. You personally can onlyl contribute $4000 wholesale during qualification. These are the Canadian rules.

Is the person sponsoring you into the business already in a management position or in qualification for management? If not, how long have they been in business with this company? Mary Kay – I (Angela Bobier) have been with Mary Kay for over 14 years and will be starting DIQ (Director qualification) shortly.

Who will do your initial new consultant training? Mary Kay – normally your Director will do new consultant training. Since our Director is also our National,and lives in Texas, I do all new consultant training.

Where are the nearest trainings or meetings held on a regular basis (weekly or monthly)? Mary Kay – your Sales Director will hold weekly meetings or if you do not live local to her, she will find you a unit meeting to attend. We call this the adoptee program. I attend meetings in London, Ontario every Monday evening at the London Hunt & Country Club. Consultant cost is $5 and is a tax write off for your business. Guests are free.

Can you go with them or someone on their team to observe 3 of their parties? Mary Kay – just ask your recruiter or Director. You are welcome to observe any of my appointments.

If they do your first party for you, who gets the sales, profits, future bookings, and any team members resulting from that party…you or them? Mary Kay – I can only answer this question on what I do and what my National has asked me to do. I do not do a consultant’s first party. Her friends and family need to see her as the professional beauty consultant and she needs to learn while she earns. This is why I allow consultants to observe my appointments to learn. If someone does do a party for you, YOU should be getting all the sales, profits, bookings, and team members since these are your friends and family in attendance.

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