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Treating People Right

Treat your Hosts like Gold. They are the ones who will encourage their friends to attend the party, purchase products, give referrals, and book parties. She will also tell many people about you – and that could be a good thing or a bad thing. You want to make each and every Host you have feel special.

Here’s a story I heard recently from a long time Mary Kay user who just hosted a party for another consultant (not from our team, unit or area). Let’s just say this hostess was looking for a new Mary Kay consultant who would treat her and her friends the way she felt they should be treated and she was NOT a happy customer.

She was out of product and had no consultant. (On a side note if you ever decide to leave Mary Kay, please consider your customers and pass their files along to your recruiter or Director who will give them the customer service they deserve.) She met a consultant who has been with MK for about 8 years and booked a party. She had 4 guests attending and 1 friend who coudn’t, but wanted a facial. The consultant booked a seperate apointment for that lady and the customer purchased about $300.

At the actual party, sales were about $700 with everyone buying skin care. However, the guests felt rushed through the product portion, but when it came to individual consultations and buying product they got the impression the consultant suddenly had more time for them. Please make sure you are taking enough time to PAMPER your guests during the facial. It’s all about them NOT you. Insure that when you are doing individual closes and booking checkup facials you are asking questions to get good results, but aren’t pushy. ATTRACT DON’T ATTACK.

OK so let’s look at the sales. The seperate facial sales were $300. What do you think the consultant gave the hostess? Nothing. Can you believe that? A big fat zero. The consultant profited $150 and the hostess got nothing. In this case, I would have considered this a referral and given the hostess/referrer 10% of the retail sales in free product. So $30 free product of their choice in this case.

$700 in sales at the party. What do you think the hostess received that night? What would you give? The hostesswas given a $45 gift. She didn’t get to choose products, she got whatever the consultant gave to her and that’s it. This consultant profited $350 at this class and gave a prechosen gift that cost her $22.50.

According to the hostess plan I and my team offer, this hostess would have received $70 in free products, 7 half price items, 2 hostess sets at 60% off, and 20% off anything else she wanted from the catalogue. I would have given her a travel size hand cream as a thank you for booking, and whoever had the most Gift of Friendship referral names would have got a free colour card to go home with. Anyone who booked parties that night would have got to choose a free item from my Party Basket. Plus she would have had another $30 to spend from that seperate facial her friend had.

Needless to say, when her friends found out what she got as hostess benefits no one booked more parties, and all of them are looking for someone else to get their Mary Kay products from. None of them were impressed with their treatment. This hostess specifically asked me for my hostess plan and told me she would be calling me.

When I explained the Golden Rule about not stealing the customers of other consultants, she insisted she and her friends would never deal with this consultant again. I explained that as long as she talked to this consultant about her concerns and displeasure we’d go from there and discuss it further. In the end, the customer is always right, but I do want the other consultant to have the chance to make it right. Maybe she was having an “off” night, but clearly does need to revamp the curren hostess plan.

So the moral of the story is have a fantastic, top notch hostess plan that WOW’s people. Have a plan to reward referrals. Pamper the guests and make them feel important. Thank your hostess profusely for introducing you to her friends and for whatever sales, referrals, bookings you get or in some cases don’t get. Zero parties do happen, but that doesn’t mean you treat people any different that those with money. Someday those ladies may have money and will remember how you treated them.

How would you like to be treated by a direct sales consultant????? Send me your ideas.

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