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Daily Affirmations

I am highly energized to organize my life. I always finish what I start. I have an organized mind and life.

I’m efficient and fast in getting tasks completed. Each and every day I get more and more organized.

Day and night I attract money and prosperity. I create greater levels of abundance. I am open to receive more money and success. Prosperity is mine. Money and success will flow to me in abundance. I deserve riches and success.

I attract friends and I am friendly. I am cheerful and enthusiastic. People seek me out and they like me. They respect my opinion and are favourably impressed by me. My winning personality attracts others to me. I have a magnetic personality.

I have a flow of creative ideas. I spontaneously release a flood of terrific ideas. I have a great genius within me.

When I speak I am charged with confidence and control. I am a dynamic, charismatic speaker. People enjoy listening to me speak. I am relaxed and calm when I speak.

I have an excellent recall of information and facts. I am a success at everything I do. Nothing can deter me from my goals. My efforts bring rich rewards. My income level is rising higher and higher.

I enthusiastically set daily goals. I feel great satisfaction when I accomplish my goals. I set short term and long term objectives and reach them. I stay on course and reach my goals.

Winning comes easily to me. I immediately seek winning strategies and act on them.

I succeed at whatever I do. I am a super achiever and I deserve to win. I am confident of winning success.

I am a self starter. I enjoy getting things done. I can do it and I can do it now. I complete tasks quickly. I feel good about myself and life.

I exude boundless enthusiasm. I am an energetic and motivated person. I have a high energy level and radiate it with everything I do. I am a doer.

I am highly motivated in life. I have a strong incentive to achieve. I believe in myself. I have an inner confidence.

I am a secure person. I speak and act confidently in everything I do. I am poised and self-assured. I am a strong positive person. I take charge of situations confidently.

Others value my opinion and ideas. I assertively express my thought and feelings.

I confidently assert my needs and desires. I am confident, calm, secure, and I am at peace. My outlook is bright and positive. I am more happy and fulfilled with life.

No task is too great because I am a source of wisdom and energy. I can cope with everyday experiences.

I relish the lighter side of my life. I am quick to see the humour in life. I love laughing. Others enjoy my sense of humour. Laughter feels great. I feel and laugh easily.

I am a powerhouse of natural energy. My energy naturally rises to the surface. Abundant energy is mine. I feel powerfully energized and refreshed.

Fear and worry disintegrate and dissolve from my life. I radiate a faith, belief, and confidence in myself. Today I am free of fear and worry. My mind automatically replaces negative thoughts with positive ones.

I can handle any situation. I am calm, confident and secure. I have tremendous willpower. I cam accomplish anything I set my mind to.

I am a powerhouse of determination. Once my mind is made up nothing can deter me. I have strong determination to succeed.

I have powerful visualization ability. I have the ability to see well defined and visual images in my minds eye. Creating and holding vivid and strong images is easy and natural for me.

I am the master of my life, free to create anything I desire.

I am whole and complete, perfect the way I am.

I am radiantly beautiful, powerful and joyous.

My business and contribution performs a valuable service for all and grows more prosperous, satisfying and successful every day.

I handle power wisely, managing people and affairs with great effectiveness.

All barriers to my success are now dissolved,
and I am effortlessly making my dreams come true.

Everything in my life is absolutely perfect the way it is.

Endless good now comes to me in endless ways.

Everything in the Universe, visible and invisible, is working to bring to me my own.

Rhythm, harmony and balance are now established in my mind, body and affairs.

The divine plan of my life now takes shape in definite,
concrete experiences leading to my heart’s desire.

My good now flows to me in a steady, unbroken, ever-increasing stream of success, happiness and abundance.

All that is mine by divine right is now released and reaches me in great avalanches
of abundance, under grace in miraculous ways.

I am harmonious, happy, radiant, detached from the tyranny of fear.

I give thanks for my permanent happiness, my permanent health,
my permanent wealth, my permanent love.

I am at peace with myself and the whole world.
I love everyone, and everyone loves me.

I am always under divine inspiration. I know just what to do
and give instant obedience to my intuitive leads.

Nothing is too good to be true; nothing is too wonderful to happen;
nothing is too good to last.

About angelabee

BEE-lieve The BUZZ!! Beauty Consultant and Blogger Historic House Museum Manager Diploma in Cultural Resource Management from University of Victoria


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