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Want to Earn $1800 CASH in April?

Want to make $1800 by the end of this month?
We want 12 Busy Bees to complete this challenge!

Focus on 3 sets for Mother’s Day –
1. Satin Hands Pampering Set
2. Fragrance Free Satin Hands Set
3. Simple Solutions (Body Wash n Shave, Hydrating Lotion, Lip Protector SPF 15)

“Have you purchased your gifts for Mother’s Day yet? I’m offering free gift wrapping and delivery on 3 popular Mary Kay sets. Who do you need to have Mother’s Day gifts for? Mom? Mother-in-law? Wife? Sister? Daughters?” (basically find out how many sets they need).

How I describe them (sell each set for $50 plus taxes)
Get a super softening treat for hands and feet in a gift ready bag. Choose from either our popular peach scent or new fragrance free.
Simple Solutions includes our 2-in-1 body wash which doubles as a shave cream, a hydrating body lotion that hydrates for 10 hours and Lip protector SPF 15 that is waterproof, seals in moisture, and protects lips from the sun.
“Would you prefer hands & feet or body care for the Mom’s in your life? Cash, cheque, visa, or mastercard?”

Here’s the PLAN!!!
Start NOW to call men and women for Mother’s Day. Offer the special sets wrapped and shipped/delivered FREE.
The top 3 gifts for Mom: dinner out and it’s over in an hour, flowers and they die in a week, but our sets will last over 6 months.
Mary Kay is 100% guaranteed so she can always exchange for skin care or other products.

Sell 2 sets to 36 men or women…everyone has 2 Mom’s in their lives. Mother-in-law, Mother, daughter, sister, WIFE.
Sales will total $100 per person.
Total sales will be $3600 retail.
$1800 wholesale order placed – SAPPHIRE STAR COMPLETED!!!
Profit will be $1800. Could you use $1800 cash this month?

OK so here’s another twist…..what if you contacted corporations, women’s groups, Kiwanis clubs, church groups, etc… to donate a basket for Mother’s at pregnancy centers, domestic violence safe houses, Ronald McDonald homes, cancer wards, or even for the wives or mom’s of our Military??? Find the cause and I bet you will find someone to pay for the gift.

So what are you doing over the next 3 weeks? All orders need to be placed by April 28th to be assured delivery by May 7th (Mothers day is May 9th).

You can also use the direct to customer shipping offered to ACTIVE Consultants, where Mary Kay head office sends the order right to the customer!!!

If local, I prefer to deliver to my customers as you can then include a coupon inside each set for the recipient to contact you for a complimentary facial. Have your purchasers give you the name and contact information of the recipients so you can follow up on booking the facial and on using our 100% guarantee if necessary.

Make your list of who to call. Individuals, Charities, etc……
How much are you willing to put into it to get over $1800 out of it???
We could earn our Ford Focus in April. Here’s how:
12 Busy Bee Consultants (on Angela’s personal team) each working this plan and each ordering $1800 wholesale would equal a total wholesale in April of $21 600.
Plus a couple extra consultants ordering $200+ each and Angela’s order of over $1800 gives us over $23800 wholesale and 14 active consultants (consultants must be on Angela’s personal team). We would also be DIQ May 1st.
Who will commit to working this plan in the next 3 weeks? Who would like a profit of $1800 CASH?
Call me so I can help you reach your goal this month.

Contact Angela Foreman-Bobier if you would like help in earning your $1800 cash in April.
519-768-2401 http://www.marykay.ca/aforeman angelabobier@yahoo.ca

About angelabee

BEE-lieve The BUZZ!! Beauty Consultant and Blogger Historic House Museum Manager Diploma in Cultural Resource Management from University of Victoria


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