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100 Choice Customers

100 Choice Customers = 100% Success!
What would 100 Choice Customers Do For You?

A CHOICE customer is someone who uses our skin care products and “a little colour”. Look at the examples below:

TimeWise Cleanser/Moisturizer/Foundation $85.00 X 2/year = $170.00
2 Mascaras $21.00 X 2/year = $42.00
1 Compact filled $80.00 = $80.00
1 Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover $17.50 = $17.50

Total Sales For The Year Would Be Approximately $300.00!
(Average sale needed per customer per month is only $25.00)

100 Customers Spending $300 each = $30,000 retail
Gross Profit for You (50%) = $15,000 profit
Less 20% for expenses – $3000 expenses
(expenses include hostess credit, PCP, office, Seminar, etc)

NET PROFIT $12,000 OR $1000/MONTH

Choice customers are the key to your success in Mary Kay. A customer can and will buy colour products on a whim. However, when a woman uses a skin care program that she knows makes her skin better – she will be VERY loyal to that skin care product. In other words, she will often CALL YOU to reorder when she is running low.

Steps to Developing CHOICE Customers

1. Book the appointment and send out the hostess reminder card.
OR This is the first appointment where the customer is introduced to the skin care products for her skin type and special needs. Complete the profile card.

2. Add the customer to the preferred customer program & preferred e-mail client list. Send a thank you note for the first appointment and especially the order.
3. Two days after the sale call the customer to ask if everything is going well with her new products.
4. Within 2 weeks (preferably) meet with the customer to review the skin care program and be introduced to a colour look and other skin supplements. At this time, the customer can be a hostess and introduce the consultant to new contacts after the personalized makeover.
5. Send another Thank You note for the 2nd appointment & order.
6. Invite the customer to be a guest at a Mary Kay event.
7. Send a birthday card with a special for that month for a pedicure session.
8. Quarterly send out the Mascara Club letter.
Eg. She bought in Feb. and you mail it in May.
9. Once a year on her “MK Anniversary” (the month you met her in), send a special gift certificate and samples.

Value to Team Builders and Directors
* these examples would also include some production from consultant who do not have 100 Choice Customers, but are still selling and ordering

CAR 5 Consultants with 100 Choice Customers = $1000 wholesale each/month
= $5000 from 5 plus your $1000 = $6000

DIQ 8 Consultants with 100 Choice Customers = $8000 wholesale
plus your $1000 = $9000 wholesale/month

As you build your team, the production from the remaining consultants on your team would solidly give your $10,000 wholesale a month, every month!!

PREMIER 10 Consultants with 100 Choice Customers = $300,000 Unit Club

CADILLAC 20 Consultant with 100 Choice Customers = $600,000 Unit Club

TOP TRIP 30 Consultant with 100 Choice Customers = $900,000 Unit Club

TOP TRIP 40 Consultant with 100 Choice Customers = $1.2 Million Unit Club

TOP TRIP 50 Consultant with 100 Choice Customers = $1.5 Million Unit Club

And so on……..

100 Consultant with 100 Choice Customers = $3 Million Unit Club

The biggest value is that building this way does not require as much to maintain as building other ways because:
1. Everything is built first on Customers who LOVE Mary Kay skin care and would never want to use anything else because their skin looks so great and they have a RELATIONSHIP with their personal Beauty Consultant!
2. The type of customer described above is the type who is VERY likely to call her consultant for reorders (because she doesn’t want to be without her Mary Kay products!). This means less work for the consultants. We all have these types of customers – they call us AND they order much more than the average customer who is not on skin care.
3. Consultants who are making lots of money selling products to customers who are very happy with those products are unlikely to ever give up their Mary Kay business – this means less unit attrition and more consistent unit production.
4. All of the above means less work each year for the Director. What you build is more likely to stay built! It all centers on consultants who are “skin care experts” and have developed customers who are loyal to Mary Kay skin care (just like Mary Kay Ash taught us in the beginning)!

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