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Mary Kay Cosmetics

Twelve Month Busy Bee Consultant Plan

In strategizing how I am going to work with new consultants, I determined I need to have an example plan of action for someone to see when they start. A track to run on so to speak. Here’s what I came up with for anyone wanting a management position in Mary Kay Cosmetics. I think it is good to let all new consultants know they have the potential to be a Sales Director and earn a free car.

This concept is based on booking 8 skin care classes to hold 5 within a 2 week period. For best results to this every 2 weeks. Remember a skin care class is at least a hostess and 2 guests. I always encourage hostesses to have 5 adult guests at each skin care class for best booking, sales, and sharing potential.

Month 1 Book 8 to Hold 5 Classes within 2 Weeks (repeat monthly) 1 Recruit Senior Consultant

Month 2 ” 1 Recruit

Month 3 ” 1 Recruit Red Jacket/Star Team Builder

Month 4 ” 2 Recruits Team Leader

Month 5 ” 2 Recruits

Month 6 ” 2 Recruits Future Director

Month 7 ” 2 Recruits Car (1st month)

Month 8 ” 3 Recruits DIQ (1st month) Car (2nd month)

Month 9 ” 3 Recruits DIQ (2nd month) Car (3rd month)

Month 10 ” 3 Recruits DIQ (3rd month) Car (4th month)

Month 11 ” 3 Recruits DIQ (4th month)

Month 12 ” 3 Recruits Hold Director Debut & Car Party!!!!

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