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Run Your Business ALONGSIDE Your Family Activities

Have you ever thought of doing something ALONGSIDE your family and work activities to earn extra income?

That’s the questions I learned from Ilene Meckley http://www.ilenemeckley.com who encourages everyone to share their business from the heart.

But how do you run a business alongside your obligations to family and/or work. Here are some ideas for you:

1. Never leave the house without business cards, catalogues, recruiting information, and samples. Keep a couple in your purse or diaper bag and also some in your car.
2. When you drop the children off at day care, school or wait at the bus stop, chat with the other Moms/Dads and share what you do.
3. When running errands be pleasant to cashiers, waitresses, etc. What if they turn up at your next party or the cashier has been wishing for a change in income? Share what you do and have with everyone.
4. When you are at work, please concentrate on your job. Your company is paying you to work for them, not to run your business. At lunch or on breaks, make some phones calls to book, coach, sell, or follow up on possible recruits. Or while eating, listen to or read something motivational. I recommend Mary Kay Ash, John Maxwell, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins.
5. When picking up book party orders have her invite 2 or 3 friends to be there so you can demonstrate 4 products in 5 minutes. Please read my 1-2-3-4-5 post for more details.
6. Have set times each week when you hold parties and a couple times a month where you host a party in your own home for those people who want to attend one, but don’t want to host. Make sure your family knows this is party time and try to stick to that schedule so they get used to your routine.
7. Attend your company training sessions and take guests with you. Maximize your time by taking people you would like to have on your team.
8. If you meet someone tonight that is interested in joining your team, take her to your next party as your assistant so she can see what you do. Just in case sales or attendance is low, tell her on the way to the party that for your case you hope sales are high, but for her case you hope they are low so she can learn more. On the way home make sure you have an agreement with you and ask her where she wants her kit shipped? Or ask if she would like to pay for the kit with cash, check, visa, or mastercard (whatever types of payments you accept).

I will be adding ideas to this list as I think of them. Please leave comments if you have ideas.

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