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This Isn’t About Selling Lipstick

This isn’t selling lipstick from a catalogue.
Picture yourself as a Professional Beauty Consultant
with Mary Kay Cosmetics.
Angela Foreman-Bobier, Professional Beauty Consultant (519) 768-2401

The women on my team are professional beauty consultants, running a business. Not some ho-hum hobby just passing out catalogues and not knowing a whole lot about all the products inside. Enriching women’s lives is a fun and legitimate business. We are women of excellence, looking for other sharp women who are willing to learn the skills to be a professional beauty consultant and a woman of excellence. Trust me when I tell you, you can learn all you need to know to be a Professional Beauty Consultant on my team just as I learned almost 14 years ago. No experience necessary, just the willingness to learn and grow and reveal who you were meant to be.

Picture yourself as a Professional Beauty Consultant. What do you see?

Doesn’t the title Professional Beauty Consultant command respect? Doesn’t that invoke images of a well dressed, sharp looking, successful woman whose hair and makeup are just perfect? You walk with your head held high, a smile on your face, with an air of positive energy about you? Your entire look is polished? (We teach this to you.)

When you hear Professional Beauty Consultant don’t you think success, power, and confidence? You know what to say in every situation? (We teach this to you.)

When you hear Professional Beauty Consultant do you envision the awesome FREE car you’re driving to the bank to deposit your money? Not just money to pay the bills, but extra money for you to save or spend anyway you choose! Do you see at tax time all the things you get to write off because you are running a business? Office expenses, car, home, advertising, travel, supplies, your use of Mary Kay products? (We teach you how to earn a car and manage your business income.)

When you hear Professional Beauty Consultant do you see your beautiful home office where you make your phone calls to your fabulous customers who love the skin care and colour products you’ve taught them to use? Do you see the fully stocked shelves of Mary Kay products in your office ready to be sold, so your customers don’t have to wait? Do you see yourself teaching women how to use our #1 selling brand of skin care and cosmetics? Do you see them buying from YOU? Do you see yourself making 50% commission on everything you sell? (We teach this to you.)

When you hear Professional Beauty Consultant do you see your consultant friends clapping and cheering for you every week as you are recognized for your work and earn ribbons, prizes, certificates, jewelry, household items, etc? Do you see how excited they are for your success and also how excited you are for them? You have fun girlfriends who are achieving the same things you are? (We teach to you.)

When you hear Professional Beauty Consultant do you see the women you will meet who want to do what you are doing? Who want to be in your space and be on your team? Do you see the cheques Mary Kay Cosmetics will send you every month for allowing other women you’ve met have the same advantages you have? Are they women of excellence like you and I? Of course they are because quality women want to hang around other quality women. (We teach you how to share Mary Kay with others.)

When you hear Professional Beauty Consultant, do you see the starter kit that only cost you $141 or $60 but was worth so much more, give you everything you’ve seen so far? Truly, $141 or $60 in cash, cheque, visa or mastercard is a small price to pay to be the woman you just saw.


New Professional Beauty Consultant, would this week’s training or next week’s training be better for you?

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BEE-lieve The BUZZ!! Beauty Consultant and Blogger Historic House Museum Manager Diploma in Cultural Resource Management from University of Victoria


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