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Mary Kay Cosmetics, Party Plan


What if you have ONE person doing a book/catalogue/silent hostess/fun pack (whatever you call it) party for you? How can you turn that into more for your business?

Set a date and time with your hostess to close the party and collect the orders and payments. When you do that ask her if she could have TWO or THREE friends there, so you can show them FOUR products in FIVE minutes? Even give her something free for having the guests there (travel size hand cream, colour card).

Here are some ideas of what to show in 5 minutes. Make sure each person fills out the name, address, phone number, and email portion of a Customer Profile so you have them to follow up with.

1. Satin Hands Set is 3 products in itself and include the Mint Bliss Lotion for the feet. Offer 3 options just like closing a skin care class. Satin Hands & Feet $67 Satin Hands $51 Hand Cream $13

2. TimeWise or Velocity Skin Care. Demo cleanser and moisturizer on back of one hand (use moistened disposable cloths cut really small or paper towels to wash cleanser off). Demo your darkest foundation on the back of BOTH hands so they see the difference. Mother/Daughter Set of Both $145 TimeWise $85 Velocity $60

3. Satin Lips Mask & Balm (use moistened disposable cloths to wipe off the mask), Lip Primer, and Tinted Lip Balms Kissable Lips Set $75 Lip Treatments $60 Satin Lips $30

You see what I mean. Make up whatever product demos you want as long as you can show all 4 items and the 3 sets within the 5 minutes you promised. I don’t recommend anything where there are alot of colour choices. Clearly this could really increase your sales from that catalogue party and all you did was squirt and smell, show and tell and SELL!

1 – person hosting
2 or 3 – guests
4 – products shown and demostrated
5 – minutes of product demo

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