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Can You Be Duplicated?

Do you realize that your customers, guests, other unit members and
your personal team members watch you? At a skin care class or at
meetings they are all watching what you do and in their heads are
either saying "I can do that" or "I could never do what she's
doing". So my question to you is.....are you making them think "Hey,
I can do what she's doing. It looks easy!"

Let's start at your skin care class. Do you look professional in
your skirt or dress, your hair done and your makeup on? Now you
don't have to be a fashion model, just look the part of a Beauty

What about your GO Kit? Are you even using it? I know we have been
taught at workshops, a few other ways to do things, but in my opinion
you need to be using your GO Kit and On The Go Bag. What happens if
you are using something else and a guest at your class says, "Well
I'm interested in becoming a consultant, what does the Kit look
like?" How are you going to explain that you can show her a photo of
it, but you don't use it yourself? Do you think she's going to
believe it's worth the money? Probably not and you will lose a new
team member. So get your Go Kit, organize it and you are ready to

Do you have my notes added to the flipchart to use at your classes? Let the guests see you read from your flipchart notes! This isn't something you need to do from memory! If you read it than she thinks she can too!

When you do phone calls or are warm chattering are you using the
scripts from our training or are you "winging it"? These are proven
words to use when you call, because we've used them for years! When
she becomes a consultant, she will remember what you said to her and
she will print it off and use it too.

Is your hostess packet simple and easy to read? All you need is a
Look Book, the company Hostess Brochure, sales receipts, some company information and a business card.  K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Sweetie!

When you share the information about the comapny are you using our
Consider The Possibilities sheet? It's simple, easy to read, and
tells everything! Call me for a copy.

Do you write everything in your datebook? Call backs, appointments,
6 Most Important Things To Do List, etc. What kind of system do you
use to track your customers? My suggestion there is to use a simple
file box A-Z and Jan - Dec. rather than a fancy computer program,
because contrary to popular belief, not everyone has a computer or is technologically adept.
Have you set up your Briefcase we call the Office on The Go? Call me
if you haven't learned about this yet.

Are you handing in your Weekly Accomplishment Sheets and other
tracking forms EVERY WEEK? Are you returning phone calls promptly?
Remember your team members watch you and will treat you as a
Director, the way you treated your Director. By the way, what kind
of respect and support are you giving your Director?

At meetings, are you helping, offering to teach, do you listen
quietly, applaud other achievers, welcome new consultants, guests and
adoptees? Sometimes a smile, Hello, and a hug can make someone's
day. Do you attend all unit and company events? Are you urging your
team members and other unit members to attend unit meetings, Career
Conference and Seminar? These events can change your business and
therefore your life. They are worth every penny! BE THERE!

Use the Mary Kay official website and Preferred Customer Program.  Let Mary Kay do all the techy stuff and the mailing for you. 

My point of all this is for you to keep all your systems simple so
they can be taught to ANYONE. Use the Golden Rule, and use what Mary
Kay provides you with. Don't reinvent the wheel. Between the hours
of 9am-9pm is prime working time WITH PEOPLE, not paperwork, computer time.

If you are a consultant wanting to be a Director, than you need to be
the best consultant you can be, don't start being a Director before
you finish qualification. Your time is better spent on booking,
selling, and recruiting. Let your Director handle the meetings,
training and motivating, while you put all your energy into finishing
qualification! YOU CAN DO IT!

KISS - Keep It Simple Sweetie

Pink Hugs

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BEE-lieve The BUZZ!! Beauty Consultant and Blogger Historic House Museum Manager Diploma in Cultural Resource Management from University of Victoria


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