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I Want To Do Mary Kay…Now What?

I Want To Do Mary Kay…..Now What Do I Do?

 1. When?  Get your datebook and put in everything you have scheduled for the next 2 months.  Include family’s sports, activities, etc, church, work, volunteer work, etc.  I mean put EVERYTHING IN THERE.  Then put in every Mary Kay event we have booked.  I suggest these be highlighted in pink.  Now with another colour of highlighter I want you to highlight the times you have available to have a class. 

 2. Who?  Use referral names, ballots, or make up a prospect list.  These are the women you are going to call to book facials with.  Remember you have to book her first and then invite her to share with a couple friends. 

 3. What?  Get on the phone to do a booking blitz!   Remember that half your bookings will hold and half won’t.  I want all those highlighted areas FULL.  You could probably spend 1-2 hours on the phone to fill them.  Send out hostess packets so you can coach these ladies well so they get free product and you get lot’s of sales.

 4. Where?  After your spots are filled, I want you to get your office area and your class supplies ready to go.  Your customer service system needs to be set up and all profiles and sales tickets in the proper place.  Have files for your income tax receipts and also for education you will be receiving.  Pack your Go Kit, Inventory, Hostess Packets, Recruiting Packets, and New Consultant Packets.   Clean off your desk.  If you need photocopies, get them.  If you need Sales Tickets, Profiles, Look Books, etc…order them.  Do you have enough inventory to supply all the classes you have booked?  If not, then order it.  Get a loan from the bank to get on profit level.  Do you have your MK account with cheques?  Get it now.  Set up your briefcase.

5. WHY?  What’s your reason for doing Mary Kay?  What’s your goal for this week?  Month?  Quarter?  Year?  Make a goal poster.  Track your progress.  Cut out pictures from magazines to add to your dream journal.  What is your ultimate MK goal? 

Mary Kay success depends on your daily activity.  

Here are your daily priorities. 

1. Get more names.

2. Book more appointments.

3. Sell products.

4. Share the opportunity.

5. Service existing customers.

 Use the web certificates to get names and numbers.

Spend time on the phone bookings classes and coaching hostesses.

Call your existing customers for orders, referrals, and to invite to an event.

At classes get referrals, fill out LIPSTICK recruiting sheet, book second facial, sell sets, and give company information.

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