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Song Lyrics by Angela

Life Has a Soundtrack

Song lyrics by Angela Foreman-Bobier


I get a smile on my face when I hear you pull in the drive

Your footsteps on the stairs and your key in the lock

 I relax in the night when I hear you crawl into bed

Whisper “I love you” and breathe softly as you dream


I close my eyes and be still

Listening for these sounds until

I realize every note is playing my song

And my song is more beautiful with every sound


There’s a hymn in the wind’s rustling leaves

A love song when the birds sing

The rock beats in children’s running feet

It’s all played out just add your own words


The harmony of it all every day paves the way

For love and laughter and memories made faster

Drama and dreams, it’s all there it seems

For smiles and tears music is the mirror

Hear it all because life has a soundtrack

About angelabee

BEE-lieve The BUZZ!! Beauty Consultant and Blogger Historic House Museum Manager Diploma in Cultural Resource Management from University of Victoria


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