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Does The “YOU” In Your Head Match The “YOU” In Your Dreams

Have you ever achieved a level of success; got a promotion and then that elusive something happened and you dropped down a level or levels?  What happened?  Everything was going so well and somehow it all fell apart.  What did I do wrong?  How come this keeps happening to me?  

Do you realize that your life works like a thermostat in a room?  If the thermostat is set at 20 degrees and you open the window, the furnace will kick on to bring the room back up to 20 degrees.  The same if you have it set at 20 and you put on the fireplace.  The furnace will stop or the air conditioning will start to bring the room to 20.  The room is set to be at 20 no matter what. 

You yourself are set at a level of success.  Maybe you are set right now for a level 5 life.  You caught a vision and worked really hard on your sales and recruiting, everything on the outside, and you became a Sales Director.  Woohoo!!!!!!!!!  You are so excited because anything is possible.  Your consultants love you, everyone is paying so much attention to you and it is the ride of your life at DIT week, your debut, Leadership and Seminar.  Your life is so HOT!!!!!!

Uh oh…the thermostat just took a reading and realized your life is at 8 and it’s too hot.  So the air conditioning kicks in and cools things off.  People are saying no when you bother to ask for facials, consultants aren’t coming to meetings, you aren’t selling much, or sharing much and pretty soon you’re back to a level 5 career.  What happened?  You failed to adjust your thermostat.

When the image of yourself (the thermostat level) fails to meet the image you have of your dream position (Sales Director) you cannot stay at that top level position.  The two images have to match. 

Now you’re thinking well that’s just great.  How do I reset the thermostat to 10!!!  I want a level 10 life right now!!!  Me too, but that’s not how it works.  If you are at a level 5 life/career right now you have to travel through 6, 7, 8, and 9 to get to 10.  This will require improving how you perceive yourself and your deserve level.  That means there will be some work and time commitment on your part.  Work on yourself.    

 1. Write down your dream position in Mary Kay you want to achieve next.  Examples would be new car, Director, Court of Sharing.  Close your eyes and see that women in your mind.  Now write down everything you think that woman is.  Stylish, confident, knows what to say, etc.  Now put a red check mark beside the words you think you are right now.  Be honest with yourself.  Do you truly think you are the epitome of that word?  Any word you don’t check off is something you need to see in yourself or work on to get. 

2. Every day write down 5 things you are grateful for.  Read that list every morning before you get out of bed. 

3. Choose 3 mentors in Mary Kay and ask to shadow them for a day.  What do they do?  Who do they talk to?  What is their schedule?  How do they work around their faith and family?  What is their attitude?

4. Listen to motivational speakers in the shower, in the car, around the house.  Ones I find helpful are Joyce Meyer, Anthony Robbins, Larry Di’Angi, John Maxwell and any from Mary Kay people.

5. Read motivational books in the areas you are working on.  Start with all the books on Mary Kay and proceed with books on Facing Fears, Becoming a Leader, Working With People and improving you.  I suggest you take notes as you read and incorporate these ideas into your life.

6. Offer to teach something from your reading or listening at the next Mary Kay meeting.

7. In your calendar write down every event and meeting that is happening.  Commit to going to everything available (taking guests would be best, but attend anyway). 

8. Register for the next Company event: Seminar, Career Conference, Retreat, or Leadership.

9. Fill your datebook with classes.  Book more classes everyday so your datebook is never empty.  Anything that ails your business can be solved by holding classes.

10. Body, Mind and Spirit are linked.  Pray or meditate daily.  Exercise and eat a healthy diet so you will feel physically great.  Your mind will follow suit. 

11. Work on the skills to become a Master Consultant so you can teach those skills when you are a Master Director!

 As the image in your head starts to match the one in your dream, you will be able to easily stay at the higher levels.  I caution you not to use this as an excuse not to ascend to new heights.  Increase your self worth and deserve levels every day and that will reset the thermostat to handle the hot future in store for you.  

I believe in you.   

Angela Foreman-Bobier

About angelabee

BEE-lieve The BUZZ!! Beauty Consultant and Blogger Historic House Museum Manager Diploma in Cultural Resource Management from University of Victoria


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