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New Use For Old Go Kit Bags

John and I had a yard sale on Saturday.  When I was going through the house I found 3 old Go Kit bags in my basement.  The dark charcoal ones with the velcro that flipped up and then the zippered part inside?  One was mine and two had been given to me by my Mom and sister-in-law.  Not knowing what to do with them I put stickers on them and hoped someone would see some potential in them and scoop them up.  Today I still have all 3, but inspiration has hit and I know what I’m going to do with them. 

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to load up these 3 bags and keep them in my trunk to give to someone when they sign their agreement?  It usually takes 2-4 business days to receive a new consultant kit, but I’d like to encourage all new consultant to get 30 orders of $30 each in their first week.  If I equip each new team member with some basic necessities, they could get started right away.  I want to have brand new consultants use these kits until their’s arrives.

Now what to put inside?  I don’t want it to cost me a whole lot of money (just in case I don’t get it back).  Essentials would be Look Books & Sales Tickets to help collect 30 X $30 (include the instructions for 30X $30).  A welcome letter from me along with my business card plus one copy each of 50 Customers in 5 Minutes, Book 8 to Hold 5 in Two Weeks, and 8 Team Members.  I happen to also have extra sets of the Ready Set Sell New Consultant books and tapes so I may include those also.  For product you could either put a full size Satin Hands set or Satin Hands samples.   Include a card with what she should say when she demos the Satin Hands on people. 

As a gift, include a pretty notebook and pen from the dollar store.  She can write down questions she has for you and can bring it to training and meetings to take notes.  You’d be surprised the number of people who don’t have a paper and pen or a datebook at the meeting.  If you find some cute small datebooks at the dollar store then add it in too.  Please remember that you don’t want to invest a lot of money in this as you may find not everyone returns borrowed items and you don’t want to have to spend much time restocking these.

When their kit arrives, they return this welcome bag to you.  Now this next part is up to you to decide.  If you have explained this when you gave them the bag and if you wish, you can ask them to replace the same number of Look Books, Sales Slips, and the Satin Hands with the ones that have come in their new kit.  Only do this if you have requested this up front when you gave them the loaner bag.  Whatever you decide is perfectly fine.  If you do get your items replaced then this idea won’t cost you hardly any money and you can restock the bag right away with fresh items.  Many Directors have new Kits shipped to their own home, to guarantee the consultant will attend new consultant training to pick up their kit.  This would also insure you get your items replaced, but DO NOT open the new kit.  Let your new consultant do that herself so it feels like Christmas!!

One other idea is for women who can only afford to start with the small $50 kit.  There are no mirrors, flip chart, or full size products to do facials.  I have many, many mirrors that ex-consultants have gifted to me.  Include 4 mirrors along with the items mentioned above and agree to loan them and the bag to this new consultant for a short period of time until she can upgrade to the regular kit.  Maximum I suggest is 4 weeks.  At least this way she has mirrors to conduct facials once she has been trained.  Again make sure she understands this is on loan.

Post some of your ideas in the comments!

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