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Organization and Practical Suggestions for Business (Mary Kay)

Since I was little I have always been organized.  In my room all my records, cassette tapes and CDs were organized alphabetically.  Same with all my books.  I was possibly the only teenager never nagged by my Mom to clean up my room.  Then I lived with a boyfriend who was a complete and sometimes disgusting slob (he had other good qualities, but being tidy wasn’t one of them).  It was then I realized that if you weren’t organized (and clean) you lost things, forgot events, missed due dates for bills, had no clean cloths, stepped on things and broke them, and were ashamed for people to come to your house.

OK got a little off track there, but I think you get my point.  The last week I’ve been attempting to organize my time to fit in more for my Mary Kay business.  I’ve also been getting my supplies ready to go and make goals for July 1st.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve consistently held classes/parties, so I need to get back in the swing of things.  I got a great e-mail today from someone I met on Twitter so I’m going to include it at the end of this post in case you’ve never heard of him. 

OK back to time management.  I always enjoyed teaching this because it was good for me to review the principles and tools.  So what I’m planning to do is use colour coding to fill out a Weekly Plan Sheet.  This is an oldy but a goody for Mary Kay Consultants (and anyone on the planet really).  If you want to do this on the computer, the calendar that comes with Vista enables colour coding too.  What you do is colour code the sheet with your ideal week.  Green is time on your business where you actually make money (phone calls, parties, recruit interviews).  Pink is other Mary Kay time (training).  You can choose the other colours but include your other Job, Family, Faith, Household.  I also volunteer for one organization that takes a chunk of time so I assigned them another colour.  You will actually see where you want to spend your time and can base realistic goals from there. 

YOu can also colour code your datebook to match if you wish.  For Christmas, my husband put mini highlighters in my stocking so I could attach them to the inside of my datebook.  So cute!  Now I use my laptop Calendar.  Hmmmm….might be a tad bulky to take to classes.  Will have to figure that one out. 

Please, please, please get an answering machine.  Anyone running a business who doesn’t have voice mail is missing out on sales for sure.  Put a professional message on it even if it’s also the family message centre.  “Hi, you’ve reached the Bobier family and the home office of Angela Bobier with Mary Kay Cosmetics.  Please leave us a message.”  Very simple.

I also have a spiral notebook on my desk that is only for taking notes from my voice mail.  I write the date and time someone called and anything else I need.  It is amazing how often I refer to that book for information.  Once I’ve called the person back I place a checkmark beside the time called.

One of my weekend projects is to design my master copies for my new hostess packet, recruiting packet, and guest packet.  Writing about this is helping me get its firm in my mind what I want to include inside each of those.  I buy coloured folders at the dollar store and use one colour for hostess’ and another for recruiting.  Things move so much faster at a class or party if you can just pull out a folder instead of digging through a bag for crumpled papers to give.  It also looks much more professional.  Big envelops are also good for hostess packets, but many other companies use those, so I like to stand out.  Once I have this all done, I’ll upload my files for you.

Hostess Packet: Business Card, Product Sample, Hostess Letter, Hostess Perks & Sets Worksheet, Catalogue, Photocopy 2 sales tickets and make sure she has at least 3 sheets.  Those customers will get real receipts from you with their order.  Also include everything you put in your Recruit Packet.  Anyone who hosts a party with you is also a potential team member or at the very least a talent scout.

Recruiting Packet: Business Card, Product Sample, Talent Scout letter, Consultant Agreement (make sure your consultant name and number are already filled out just in case they take initiative to sign up without contacting you first), something to read about Mary Kay and something to listen to (order these from the company), Ponder Pink (some kind of form to fill out after reviewing the information).  Offer a gift for returning this packet back to you in 48 hours (or whatever amount of time works for you).

Guest Packets: This is what each guest is given at a class.  I don’t buy folders for these as one of my star prizes one quarter was a set of MK clipboards.  Small clipboards at the dollar store would work though.  I set these beside their mirrors before they arrive.  For Mary Kay Consultants – NEVER SET A CATALOGUE OR SALES TICKET THERE.  This is what the individual consultation is for and they can take a catalogue home in their hostess packet or product order.  You’ll be showing set specials at the table close so there is no need for catalogues.  OK guests need your business card, a pen, Customer Profile, small paper to write down referrals (I call it Gift of Friendship), and a Talent Scount coupon ($50 in free product when someone they refer becomes a consultant on your team).  I’ve also seen this prepackaged in the small MK product delivery bag. 

Alright so now I know what I have to get done this weekend and what I need to order from the company.  Read the Home Show Guru e-mail below.  And also my response.  Apparently I was the very first person to respond to his challenge!!

Subject: ~HomeShowPartySales~ Angela, Are you working on your business this weekend?

*** IMPORTANT-You are receiving this email because you have previously downloaded our “200 Consultant Party Games” ebook, or signed up for our “Home Show Party Sales” newsletter.   If at any time you wish to stop receiving emails from us, please click on the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of the page. 
Angela Do you have plans to work on you “home show/party sales”
business this weekend?
For a lot of  you, your home show consultant business is your second
(or third) job.

This means that you work on it in the evenings, and on weekends.
What do you think would happen if someone with a 9-5 job just didn’t

show up one day?  They would probably get fired, suspended, or at
least written up.
If your own business is counting on you to ‘be at work’ on Saturday
or Sunday, and you don’t show up, what is going to happen? 
If you don’t work on your business,  if you don’t take care of your
customers, if you don’t book more shows,  your business and your
customers will fire you.
You business will not move forward if you don’t work on it. 
Something magical is not going to happen on its own.

If you want to succeed you must work at it.

It is a proven fact that written goals get completed more than goals

in your head.  Right now, write down 3 things that you are going to
accomplish with your business between now and Sunday night.   
3 specific actions that you are going to take that will move your
business forward.
Doesn’t matter how simple those 3 items are.  
Could be organize my desk. 
Dust of my demo product.
Make up that mailing list.
Even better would be to make at least one of those items something
that would directly lead to cash coming in.  Something like, make
10 phone calls in an effort to book a show, close out and submit
last weeks show, or do some hostess coaching to help them prepare
for thier upcoming show.
So go ahead, RIGHT NOW, make that list.  Actually write it down.   
I just made my own list. Here are few things from it…
(Remember, my list is a little different than yours, my business is a little different than yours.)

Bruce’s TODO By Sunday night 6/28/09

  • Write followup letter to this one, schedule it to go out on Saturday morning.
  • Write another followup to go out on Sunday night.
  • Complete another chapter in the new book I am writing.
  • Get the Home Show Consultants blog site up and running.
  • Unfollow the spammers that I am following on Twitter.

I would love to see what your list looks like.  Email it to me. 

I promise I won’t embarrass anyone by revealing their name. 
But I would love to see what kind of things you are working on. 
Send your list to me at homeshow@fasterdigital.com

Ok,  Now that you have your TODO list, when are you going

to work on it?  

Set a time, block it out on your calendar, tell your husband, wife,

childeren, friends that will not be available during this time.  
When that time comes, DO IT. Don’t let anything stop you from
working.  You wouldn’t want to have to fire yourself, would you?

Good luck.  I’ll talk to you again this weekend.

Angela’s TODO By Sunday night 6/28/09

  • Contact Anne & Sandi about ordering July 1st
  • Book 1 beach party for July
  • Design Hostess Letter
  • Design Hostess Packets
  • Design Recruiting Packets
  • Deliver to Audrey

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